Capt. Chris Brown

Instructor Pilot

Capt. Chris Brown

Capt. Brown has a long history with the maritime industry, beginning with his work as a deckhand at Crescent Towing in New Orleans in 1979. He became a licensed US Merchant Marine Officer after training to be an Operator of Uninspected Towing Vessels at Seafarer’s Harry Lundeberg School in Piney Point, MD. Capt. Brown continued to upgrade his Merchant Mariner credentials, earning his First Class Pilot of Steam or Motor Vessels upon the Mississippi River in 1983. In addition to his pilot endorsements, Capt Brown also holds a Master 1600 GT, Ocean license. His interest in maritime education began after attending his first American Pilots Association conference in 1996. Soon after, Capt. Brown worked with George Burkley, helping to spearhead the start-up of MPI. Capt. Brown served seven years on the Board of Directors with NOBRA, and later as the President of the Board of Pilot Examiners regulating state commissioned New Orleans and Baton Rouge Pilots. Capt. Brown personally finds working with pilots from across the world has allowed him to develop more fully as a pilot and instructor. He appreciates the opportunity to pass on his knowledge of the storied profession of pilotage and especially loves to hear about the success of an assignment made possible because of someone’s experience in the Maritime Pilots Institute simulators or manned models. Outside of work, Capt. Brown enjoys attending regulatory meetings, studying independently or hunting and fishing.