Houston Pilots Take Advantage of MPI's Unique Training Approach

The Houston Pilots are taking advantage of MPI's custom scale model training in a unique way.

The Houston Pilots are taking advantage of the custom training experiences provided by the Maritime Pilots Institute (MPI) to prepare their pilot apprentices and pilot members for the ever-changing aspects of the maritime industry. Current courses include emergency ship handling, legal aspects of piloting, bridge resource management and tractor tug use for pilots.

The Houston Pilots are also research partners with the Port of Houston regarding the future of neo-Panamax ships calling on the Port of Houston. MPI’s managing entity, Locus, is a technical provider to the Houston Pilots that helps to guide research and reports. Meanwhile, MPI worked to make a custom 1/25th scale model of a 13200 TEU container ship for the pilots to practice making challenging turns in a physical scale model of a section of the Houston Ship Channel.

As for MPI’s future with the Houston Pilots, MPI’s Executive Director George Burkley says they will, “continue to integrate technology into pilotage” as business partners in what is a “renaissance in the maritime industry.”