World-Class Facilities

At Maritime Pilots Institute, pilots benefit from the breadth and depth of a diverse array of training experiences. Our Covington facility hosts our state-of-the-art simulator and RADAR lab, while our Bush site gives students hands-on practice with our unique manned model program.

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Real Piloting—Just Smaller.

MPI's 3.5-acre training pond in Bush, Louisiana lets pilots hone their skills on a series of adjustable waterways to simulate docking, currents, wind, and weather. Our fleet of 1:25 scale manned models act realistically, creating a real world training experience.

Port St Tammany

Since ships behave differently at varying depths, we provide a controlled environment to replicate diverse waterway configurations. In addition, our manned model pond offers pilots a chance to train for complex maneuvers in a safe and controlled environment.


Immersive, State-of-the-Art Simulation

MPI's state-of-the-art Kongsberg simulator offers our students unparalleled access to immersive ship handling scenarios, offering:

  • Realistic vessel behavior
  • Wrap-around, high-vertical field of view
  • Technically accurate recreations of real world geography
  • Lightning-fast load times
  • Smooth visualization of highly-customizable nautical scenes
  • A wide library of ships, including tankers, containerships, cruise vessels, supply vessels, tow vessels and azimuth stern drive (ASD) tugs
  • Render/recover winch controls, RADAR/ARPA/ECDIS/AIS, pilot plug and monitoring equipment for ship’s sensors plug-and-play adaptability for Pilot laptop navigation systems (PPU)
Kongsberg Ship Simulator 01 Maritime Pilots Institute

Kongsberg Ship Simulator


Manned Models

Quicker Docking. Faster Learning.

Due to their smaller scale, MPI's manned models dock five times quicker than their full-scale counterparts, allowing students to practice more quickly and effectively. And with meaningful, real-world forces and consequences, pilots are better prepared for real-world scenarios.

Manned Model Training Ship James B Eads 01 Maritime Pilots Institute

James B. Eads 1/25th Suezmax Tanker

Manned Model Training Ship Samuel Clemens 01 Maritime Pilots Institute

Samuel L. Clemens 1/25th Scale Suezmax Bulk Carrier

Manned Model Training Ship Houston 01 Maritime Pilots Institute

MM Houston 1/25th Scale Neo-Panamax 13,800 TEU Containership

Manned Model Training Ship James B Eads 03 Maritime Pilots Institute

Tractor Tugs 1/25th Scale Remote Operated Tractor Tugs