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Houston Pilots Take Advantage of MPI's Unique Training Approach

The Houston Pilots are taking advantage of MPI's custom scale model training in a unique way. Read more

Southeast Alaska Pilots (SEAPA) choose MPI

SEAPA has chosen MPI to profile their new cruise vessel azipod maneuvering training program. MPI instructors and developers, Capt. Larry Vose and Capt. Jeff Baken (SEAPA) will bring a number of colleagues to the MPI simulator and manned model facility to begin this important training. Read more

American Eagle Tankers (AET) and VSHIPS choose MPI

AET and VSHIPS have chosen MPI to provide Mississippi River Navigation Safety Training for their senior ship’s staff. Capt. Chris Rieder, NOBRA (Ret.) is the lead instructor for this simulation-based safety program. AET Joins Teekay Shipping, Tsakos Shipping and Vroon Ship Management in this important training program. Read more

Houston Pilots choose MPI for deputy training

The Houston Pilots have chosen MPI for the training of their deputy pilots. The Deputies will train in BRMP, Raven Carry-aboard Unit Technology, Emergency Shiphandling and Pilot Use of Tractor Tugs. MPI is partnered with Towing Solution’s Capt. Gregg Brooks for the Houston Pilot’s Tractor Tug courseware. Read more

Mobile Pilots and MPI Train in New Turning Basin

MPI completed modeling and training of the Mobile pilots in a simulation of the new Chocktaw turning basin in the Port of Mobile. Read more

VA Pilots and MPI train with Narrow Channel – Restricted Underkeel Clearance Situations

MPI is providing specialized training for the Virginia Pilots for narrow channel ship behavior and restricted UKC maneuvering for large container ships. MPI is partnered with Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy to provide this complex training in their Norfolk-based full mission ship simulator. Read more

Crescent Towing Sponsors New Remote Tractor Tug for MPI Port St. Tammany

In February MPI launched their new 1/25th scale model tractor tug the "J.K. McLean". Read more

NOBRA Apprentices are training with MPI

NOBRA's ten apprentices have begun training with MPI using a variety of manned model, simulator, classroom and correspondence courses. Read more

"Samuel L. Clemens" joins the fleet at MPI Port St. Tammany

In early March MPI launched their new Suezmax manned model, the "Samuel L. Clemens". The all-aluminum bulk carrier was built by Mr. Brett Thibodaux and his team of craftsmen at Blackfin Towers of Bush, Louisiana. The vessel will complete builder’s trials and join the manned model fleet for training use in April. Read more

MPI Trains Mexican State Pilots in Mexico City

Mr. George Burkley and Mr. Fernando Lagunes of MPI return from Mexico City after training the ship Pilots of the Ports of Mexico (Sindicato Nacional de Pilotos de Puerto de Mexico). Read more

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